AWA  Game Capturers



AWA  Game Capture specializes in the capturing of wildlife and game and the transportation of Rare, Exotic & Plains Game species. AWA Game Capturers and its partners are also involved in Exotic Game Breeding Projects and thus fully understand the stress and strain not only for the game in transit but for the Buyers/Sellers during transportation.



AWA Game Capture can assist you with the capture, relocation and transport of game and wildlife anywhere in South Africa



The capturing of game/wildlife is done in conjunction with a select team of veterinarians and experienced helicopter services. AWA Game Capture supply and install the game capturing nets at the farm of the client and then make use of experience and qualified veterinarians and helicopter services during our game capturing services. Clients can also select to use their own veterinarians and/or helicopter services during the game capturing program.



We pride ourselves in the professional transportation of your exotic game with experienced staff that are very knowledgeable. We offer continuous communication from commencement till the


desired destination that will put even the restless at ease.



We are fortunate to be able to transport a wide variety of game from the smallest antelope to buffalo. Our services are available country wide, with our offices based in Vaalwater at the


African Wildlife Auctions Game Pens.