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The bi-weekly plains game auctions are integral to AWA’s success, and the market dominance in this area is supplemented by monthly auctions of more exotic game. This two-pronged approach will ensure that AWA remains the dominant player in plains game, but also sets it up to become a dominant player in the exotic game market.

AWA’s rapid growth now sees it selling more than a 1 000 plains game animals on a monthly basis. The dominance achieved in this arena is a result of identifying a gap in the market thus ‘looking after’ the smaller game breeders.



The online website has four methods of facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of game and hunting packages namely: - Bid to Buy Game Sales : Lots are loaded on the website by either sellers or agents and is available to make a counter offer on. - Tender Game Auctions: Lots to be loaded by sellers or agents , where the allocated lot can be left on auction for a pre-set time. Buyers would have a few hours/days to place their bids. - Real-Time Auctions: An entire auction to be set for a specific time , where the lots would stay open for a pre-set time , eg 5 minutes and buyers would bid against one another in real-time. - Joint Co-operative auctions, where the auctioneer company , eg AWA would host a live auction. Buyers would pre-register and participate in a live auction against buyers attending the live auction. 



AWA Game Capturers and its partners are also involved in Exotic Game Breeding Projects and thus fully understand the stress and strain not only for the game in transit but for the Buyer/Seller during transportation. Capturing is done in conjunction with a select team of veterinarians and experienced helicopter services. Transportation is in specialised wildlife transport trucks, with continuous communication from start to end. We are able to transport a wide variety of game from the smallest antelope to the biggest buffalo. AWA Game Capturers offer the capture, relocation and transport of game and wildlife anywhere in South Africa.





African Wildlife Auctions host the auction in order to assist you through:


*Hosting the game auction for the day at your boma’s

*Management and preparation of all marketing material and advertising media

*Hosting and arranging all logistics related to the auction



Photography - Our photographers are experienced in wildlife photography bringing out the best in game.


Graphic Design - Our inhouse designs include billboards, vehicle Branding, magazine adverts, flyers etc.


Video Production - We  produce quality video productions through HD filming and proffesional video editing.


Advertising Planning - We are able to assist in putting together a advertising plan which best suites your needs.